The following players have been requested to participate in the next 4th grade tryout – 9/30: Sunday- Natick Comm/Sr Ctr – 4:30PM to 6PM.

For those players who do not make this list, we thank you for your effort and encourage you to register for the Natick Recreation Department basketball league. It is another great opportunity to play basketball over the winter.

Ambrose Nicholas
Bernier Tyler
Boggis Cole
Bourne Samuel
Britto Jordan
Brunell Hank
Bubonovich Colin
Casey Ancona
Chmielinski Ryan
Ciavarro Jake
Corbett John
Costello Patrick
Coughlan Max
Dalhausser Nick
Dehner Tristan
Edelson Ryan
Fortune Tyler
Garber Evan
Giannos George
Giberson Isaac
Gilkes Miles
Godin Griffan
Hava Declan
Huse Connor
Irwin Devin
Kiefer Thurston
Kingscote Nathan
Ledbetter John
Lord Quinn
Manago Rocco
Merdek Owen
Nahas Max
OConnell Owen
O’Kane Kaleb
Penn Nathan
Perry Nikos
Rocawerter Sammy
Scoppetto Emmett
Scoppetto Truman
Shteyman Jacob
Tarka Jake
Teja Jude
thomas joshvin
Vendig Lucas
Wasielewski Nathan
Williams Alec