Spring & Fall

The Spring and Fall Hoopsters programs are a series of fun and high energy clinics designed to provide an introductory basketball experience for boys and girls in grades K-3.

Hoopsters focuses on fundamental skill development (shooting, dribbling, passing) in a fun, non-competitive environment.  The goal of the program is to get kids excited about basketball and expose them to basketball skills with drills and contests. We also introduce 3×3 games at the 3rd grade level. There are no set teams in Spring and Fall Hoopsters and all of the sessions are co-ed.

Hoopsters is NOT a competitive travel basketball league and is geared to players of all skill levels.

Spring Hoopsters is typically held in the mud season between winter and fall sports. Both programs are held on Saturday afternoons. Fall Hoopsters typically runs between Columbus Day and Thanksgiving.

If you are interested in volunteering or learning more about our Fall and Spring Hoopsters programs please contact hoopsters@naticktravelbasketball.org



Starting in 2023-24, Winter Hoopsters will be part of our Intramural basketball program.  

The 1st and 2nd grade Intramural program maintains the same structure as the previous Winter Hoopsters program and continues the focus on fundamental skill development and adds in the concepts of game play.

The Intramural program differs from the Fall and Spring Hoopsters programs in that players are placed on a team (split up by gender and grade) with a volunteer coach for the season. Each week the team will practice for 30 minutes followed by a game against another team. Games and practices will be on Saturdays and played on 8.5ft hoops. There will be no weekday practices for Grades 1-2.  

For more information on the Intramural program please visit: https://naticktravelbasketball.org/intramural-basketball/.